Guide for Xopen

1. Open Xopen in your PC's or TV's browser. You will see a qrcode

2. Open Xopen app and press scan to launch scanner to scan qrcode in your browser.

3. Save the browser with a nick name

4. In your mobile device, copy any text containing url in your other apps, you will see a window to the top of your window, press it

5. You will see the url was opened in your PC's or TV's browser. (make sure your browser allows popup)


1. 在电脑或者电视浏览器中打开 Xopen,你将看到一个二维码。

2. 手机打开Xopen应用,点击扫描启动扫描器

3. 保存你的浏览器。

4. 在其他应用中复制包含链接的文字,屏幕上方会出现一个窗口,点它!

5. 你所点击的链接将会在电脑或电视的浏览器中打开(请确保浏览器允许弹出窗口)